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Have you wondered from where does the voice come "why me?"

There you go!!

We take up a new job!! We leave!! We crib!! We argue!! We break up!! We stay!! We suffer!! We fall into guilt!! and pressure of being into things we never wanted to fall for.

"Why me?" comes when we fail to answer "Why are we into this", it is important we pay attention to what we are doing and why we are doing before it is too late.

It is important to know, WHY are you falling for certain things, stuff, people and places, even more important, WHY are you rejecting others? Is it because you don't like other stuff or you like some so much so that it made you fall in love? to make it simpler, I rejected A for B not because I love B more, but because I can't keep up with A... and that's traumatizing!! You need to know why you love B more, you need to know how B inspires you!! rejection is never a base for other selections! 

WHY do you wish to switch your career, are you achieving the results, the salary, the satisfaction and the motivation for w…

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