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Priority...? Is self Love!

Priority? Self Love.
Call it some societal pressure; or call it her upbringing, perfection is expected from every sphere of her life, given any amount of stress or pressure, she must "know it all" is a wonderful presumption and as she ages perfection becomes synonym to her name... these expectations put more pressure on her to balance everything that she holds in her kitty.  Oh No! I am not a feminist, I would rather prefer to stand against "fake feminism".  Because I agree with no shame and guilt that men handle the same, probably the more pressure to be a perfect son, a perfect partner,  a perfect husband, and a perfect father, and it is understood so well, that the things are changing, new notions are building, perceptions are improving, point of views are being accepted yet what remains constant is a  question.. "ladki hai, kar legi?" 
All We want is to ensure that "ladki hai, zaroor karegi!" 
Because the expectation of perfection is her des…
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Overthinking? Again?? Are You Listening this often??

Do What You Believe is Right!! Not What They Choose to Say...

Should I hide the fact that I over think? Is it disgraceful to unveil that I can sit for hours and allow my brain to think endlessly...possibly, the answer would have been a YES if it had been written somewhere before 2016. But fortunately, this is 2019, and I no more carry that guilt. When I over-think I beat my own score and I become my own competition, to be honest, the event isn't really new, it’s been a while that I sit and think of things beyond my control and figure out reasons as to why have I been experiencing them? So I did what majority of the people do... I consulted few other people considering them the most knowledgeable around me, who confidently like real doctorate degree holders into over-thinking told me that this might lead to stress and sleeplessness and anxiety and they prescribed every possible remedy to help me come out of it, surprisingly the closest friends (of that time, you'll soon know wh…

Questions Worth Asking!! Aren't They??

Another chance? Too much to ask, too little time...! Too much to say, too little words...! Too much regret! Is there a chance to overcome...?
What hurts more? Losing love or friendship? What is worth fighting for? And what is worth chasing? What gives you solace? And what is worth keeping forever? where you must dilute all the boundaries? What must demand all your attention? And in which relation should you cross all the limits to protect it? When there's this last thread of hope left... should you protect it? Or break it too? When do you decide to step out of a relation? And when do you consider your friendship is on a ventilator? How do you protect it? And should you? One sided love is seen a lot, should you keep chasing one-sided friendship too? Forgo love for friendship or forgo friendship for love? when you must let go of your ego? Is it your friendship that's above respect or should respect be the base to define boundaries? 
Long story short!! He chose friendship over love!…